Ghosts Of Royston – A Thriller – by Eric G. Dove

When a violent car crash into a remote mountain lake claims the wife and daughter of Cole Danner, he is left alone, badly injured, and suicidal. Strangely obsessed with his wife and daughter’s grave stone inscriptions and overcome by violent sense-assaulting flashbacks of the accident, Cole begins a dangerous and bewildering quest to unlock the potential truth of the fate of the two loves of his life – at the risk of losing his own.

A teenage girl regains consciousness to find herself wearing strange clothes in the remote mountain home of the backwards family Honeycutt. Thought to be the ten-years-dead daughter of the family matriarch, Cora, she becomes immersed in a bizarre, off the grid “community of faith” called Royston. A disturbing introduction to the family and the violent psychotic breaks of Cora unlock a sinister past – and the realization that escape is her only chance for survival.

Tense, gritty, humorous, and fast-paced, Ghosts of Royston is the story of a girl’s survival, a father’s devotion, and the colliding forces of life and after-life.

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Check back often…Eric is in the first draft of his follow-up full length novel…